Executive Career Coaching

Be heard and understood the way you'd like to be heard and understood. Navigate challenges in a way that strengthens your reputation, well-being and relationships. Win the projects, promotions and outcomes you seek. Become more satisfied and influential at work and in your life.

Individual entrepreneurs and professionals retain us to support them in achieving various short and longer-term goals. Client goals include:

  • Learning to have transformational conversations - that is, conversations that alter what has been possible previously

  • Cultivating greater executive presence

  • Positioning themselves for a new role; career transition

  • Navigating organizational politics

  • Preparing for an important conversation or meeting in order to produce a desired result

  • Selling an idea, initiative, project, service – internally or externally; creating a sales conversation or learning to sell

  • Transforming a work situation or relationship

  • Generating influence, visibility, respect, trust, greater well-being

  • Cultivating key relationships

Jackie Sloane helped me develop my executive presence. I highly recommend working with her!
— Sophia Y. Ferber, Director of Urgent Care Program Design, UCHealth

“Jackie is so wonderful. She has helped me develop my executive presence. She has helped me grow both professionally and personally. Jackie is such a great listener. I highly recommend working with Jackie!!”

Sophia Y. Ferber, Director of Urgent Care Program Design, UCHealth

“For the last 5-8 years I have had a number of coaches. Jackie has had the biggest impact for me, she is a great listener and provides great feedback and actions. What appreciate the most about Jackie is that she is honest with the feedback and is able to help me work through the issues (even if those are difficult to swallow). She has been instrumental in helping me gain more confidence around my knowledge and ability to deal with very difficult situations. I highly recommend Jackie as a coach.”

Yohanna Sullivan,Corporate Strategy & Operations Leader

 “Jackie has been my business coach for bursts of time over a period of years. when things are challenging in my business, I often reach out to her for guidance - we're currently in a coaching relationship, and much-needed changes in my business (and personal life!) are already happening after just three meetings. for example, Jackie has introduced me to the Enneagram - a way of understanding myself (and others) better - which is helping me better manage my energy and assert stronger boundaries. That leads to feeling like my client conversations are effective, and I'm better able to focus on my highest-priority tasks. And Jackie has guided me to revise my long-term goals for my business, aligning them with my values, which is helping me focus on work that brings me more pleasure. Yes!

Jackie is a compassionate, intelligent, thoughtful, articulate person. It's always a joy to be with her, and the confidence she exudes is reassuring during challenging moments...running a business like I do can be quite emotional at times! By working with her, I know I’m creating a more solid foundation for my success for many years to come. I would recommend her to anyone seeking business/executive coaching.”

Jenni Grover, Author, Speaker, Advocate and Communication Consultant


“Jackie Sloane helped me clarify my business values, create a personal mission statement, and integrate these core values into every aspect of my work. This has resulted in years of successful, joyful and meaningful relationships with both clients and vendors. Jackie has a clear talent for looking at multiple sides of an issue, sorting through what people mean versus what they say, and finding common goals as a starting point for powerful conversations. As we worked together, I learned those skills and saw results immediately.  I also learned that people have more power acting with love as opposed to with judgment. A simple concept, yet so very effective. I have been empowered to set high goals for my business with the confidence to know that I can handle the most difficult conversations that cross my path.”

Rebeca Mojica, Artist & Owner, Blue Buddha Boutique

“As a result of our work together, I am a stronger, more effective leader. I’ve learned how to have difficult conversations and to set clearer boundaries. The people I work with now come to me with possible solutions, instead of problems. You helped me to confront an issue I hadn’t been willing to face, and didn’t know how to address. Dealing with it has had a definite impact on moving my life and business forward. I now speak my mind more often, ask for what I want and reach out more for assistance and input. You are a good listener, and you guided me in setting goals and coming to my own conclusions.”

Laurie Kahn, President, Media Staffing Network                                                              

“When you have a lot going on – a challenging job, kids growing up, other responsibilities – sometimes you don’t do enough to take care of yourself.  I hadn’t taken the time to clarify and express what would make me happy. I knew I wanted to think through what was next for me in my career. I realized to create the right next work for myself, I needed to make other changes. In working with you, I learned the importance of setting clear boundaries and making more requests. I realized that if you respect yourself, others will respond. You have to hold yourself accountable. It’s your life. Now I’m more willing to bring up issues and not get distracted by someone else’s initial resistance. I feel more in control of my life, and I feel a sense of peace. I’ve learned to say “no,” more at work. I let go of some relationships.  Now my husband cooks three nights a week. The kids have taken on more, too. It’s what’s best for the family. When you are ready to make a change, you need someone in your life who can be an objective ally, support you in your clarification, and tell you the truth. I’m happy now. You can’t put a price on peace of mind.”

Mary Beth Agase, Sales Executive

I have learned so much about myself in working with Jackie.
— Vickie Austin, Career Coach and Business Development Consultant, CHOICES Worldwide, Inc.

“As a coach, you provide a listening for me in a way no one else does. You have provided me with structure and accountability to achieve a goal I just reached—fulfilling my dream to establish my own full-time coaching practice. During our sessions, your incisive questions always shed a whole new light on whatever I am working on. I’ve reached pivotal turning points as a result of certain questions you’ve asked me. In fact, I generated a fabulous new job as a result of a simple question that you asked me. Out of that conversation, I eliminated a three-hour commute and generated a significant increase in my salary. You coached me through the salary negotiation and supported me in creating what I wanted versus settling for something less. I recently chose to leave that position to devote my full attention to my coaching practice. As a result of our work together, I completed at my job in a powerful way, leaving all possible choices for the future and receiving a great deal of acknowledgment from the people with whom I worked.

“Coaching is really about learning. I have learned so much about myself in working with you. Your coaching provides a clarity that I believe I wouldn't have had otherwise. Through the generosity of your listening, you are able to cut to the chase when I am in the middle of something complex, so that I can see what needs to be done. Prior to our work together, I was not aware of the kind of preparation that is often necessary to be successful in meetings and important conversations. Through working with you, I have new tools that support me in preparing for critical communications and affecting the outcome.

“While I originally began working with you to develop and grow a part-time coaching practice, I found that our coaching sessions really affect every area of my life. Your coaching helped me be more effective as a senior executive in two challenging positions, and what I learn from you has also contributed to my relationships with my family. Being coached by you has been invaluable and essential to my own development as a coach.”

Vickie Austin, Career Coach and Business Development Consultant, CHOICES Worldwide, Inc.

 “Jackie made a huge impact in my life! In 2008 I found myself unemployed in a very difficult job market.  Unemployed for eight months, I contacted Jackie to help me with my search in an extremely difficult time in my life. She taught me to practice relaxation techniques and overcome the stress that I was feeling at different stages of my job search. She helped me develop concise responses to difficult questions about my decision to leave a great job after 8 years. And, I was not the most pleasant person at our first meeting, but she didn’t run. She helped me center myself and awaken my creativity. Through innovative personal marketing techniques I developed in our work together, I won a face-to-face meeting with the CEO of a target firm. While it wasn't the right firm for me, getting that meeting was great for my confidence. Not long afterwards, I secured a new role. I felt confident with what I learned from Jackie that I could find another job in any market at any time. I recommend Jackie to anyone facing similar obstacles”.   

Lydia M. Afeman, Sales Executive

“As a result of my work with Jackie, I’ve built important new relationships that have impacted me professionally as well as personally. With her help, I dream larger dreams and achieve things I did not think possible before, and now am on a career path that is deeply satisfying, fulfilling, and exciting. The changes in my personal relationships have been profound, and I am deeply grateful to have turned some key relationships around 180 degrees. Thanks to Jackie, my life has been changed in ways I could not have imagined, and I will always be grateful to her”.