We collaborate with you and our highly talented associates to provide the best approach for your need.

Bruce Runnfeldt, President, InnerChange, Inc.


Bruce Runnfeldt has extensive experience in creating and implementing organizational change solutions, and serving training and development needs on a wide variety of topics including leadership, management and supervision, sales and sales management, communication, interpersonal relationships, customer relations, and team-building. He has developed and implemented numerous corporate-wide programs, including performance appraisals, employee involvement strategies, and management development systems. His consultation to executives and managers has provided new approaches to many different issues resulting in increased individual and organizational effectiveness. Prior to founding the management consulting firm, InnerChange, Incorporated, Bruce served as Corporate Director of Training and Development for Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Corporate Manager of Training and Development for Helene Curtis Industries, and worked as a Training Consultant for Abbott Laboratories and Organizational Consultants Inc.

Jackie and Bruce have collaborated on a variety of transformational initiatives, interventions and programs.

Ann Van Eron, Principal, Potentials


Ann Van Eron, Ph.D., MCC, fosters open-minded conversations for unparalleled relationships, results and well-being with leaders, teams and organizations. She is the founder of Potentials, a global coaching and organization development consulting firm with over 30 years of experience coaching leaders and working with teams and organizations all over the world. Ann supports people in creating positive and productive relationships and enhancing awareness using her tested OASIS Moves® process. Ann is the author of OASIS Conversations: Leading with an Open Mindset to Maximize Potential. She creates and facilitates team and leadership development programs, and assists organizations in assessing, planning and implementing complex change. She is certified as a Master Coach and has a doctorate in Organization Psychology from Columbia University 

Jackie and Ann have partnered to facilitate the Leading the Transformational Retreat seminar, and other initiatives.

Kathy Flanagan, President, Leadership Communication


In more than two decades of experience in corporate communication, most recently as Senior Vice President for Nuveen Investments, Kathleen Flanagan has worked with CEOs and presidents in aligning management, gaining commitment, and increasing innovation and empowerment in their organizations. Currently, as an executive consultant in leadership communication, specializing in shared leadership and decision making, she helps corporate executives, leadership teams and boards produce change, set direction, generate good decisions, inspire action and achieve success through powerful communication and interaction.

Jackie and Kathy have collaborated to create and launch a global engagement strategy with a client and on a number of initiatives.

Karlin Sloan, CEO, Sloan Group International


Sloan Group International serves leaders, managers, and individual contributors in organizations around the world. The firm provides executive coaching, team facilitation, leadership development programming, assessments, books, videos, and other practical, usable tools that help individuals, teams, and organizations to lead, manage, and optimize change for the most positive outcomes possible.  It uses cutting-edge research in neuroscience, positive psychology, leadership and organization development, and systems thinking to shape what it provides to clients. The firm is the creator of the Resilience at Work Questionnaire, or RAW-Q.

Jackie serves Sloan Group International’s client leaders and has been an active member its community of executive coaches and consultants since 2007.

Shannon Cassidy, Founder and CEO, bridge between 


bridge between is an executive coaching and business coaching firm that helps people to grow, contribute, and perform to their potential, both in work and in life. Shannon Cassidy founded bridge between, inc. in 2000, after successfully building several businesses and spearheading multiple leadership development initiatives. Her background in sales, marketing, and management, combined with professional certifications in coaching, negotiation, and mediation, enabled her to quickly realize her vision of helping executives take charge of their lives and become powerful leaders.

Jackie has served bridge between client leaders as an executive coach and group experience facilitator since 2006.



Brian Underhill, Founder and CEO, CoachSource, LLC


CoachSource is a global executive coaching and leadership development organization. Its team of coaches develops highly successful leaders, using programs tailored to fit their objectives as well as those of the organizations they manage. CoachSource makes hiring and managing coaches easy, while providing all the tools to track results with confidence.

Jackie serves CoachSource clients and has been a member of its executive coach and consultant community since 2015.

Eva Niewiadomski, Founder and Czarina of Catalyst Ranch


Eva Niewiadomski developed Catalyst Ranch, Chicago’s most creative meeting and event space to address a need she had recognized as a former consumer products marketing executive. In establishing an alternative meeting and conference space that fosters creativity, new thinking and innovation, she created a new category. She had created such environments on a smaller scale for Quaker Oats, and continues to consult in this area. The award-winning Catalyst Ranch, with its engaging vintage and ethnic furnishings, art, toys, props and colors is an ideal venue for a retreat, training or planning meeting when you want to bring out the best in people, and open up their thinking in the process. Eva’s Ranch Hands are creative professionals who make sure you have what you need to have an excellent experience. 

Jackie and Eva have collaborated on many public and corporate events since 2004.

Tom Kosak, Principal, Kosak Design


Tom Kosak is a thought leader in innovative visual communication strategy and design. He was worked with a wide array of organizations in most industries to achieve their goals through how they communicate visually and digitally. Winner of many prestigious design awards, most recently for Carnegie Mellon Today magazine, he provides strategic communications consulting, identity design and application, editorial design, corporate collateral and publication design.

Jackie and Tom have worked together to exceed the goals of many clients over the years.