FLOURISH! Reflection and Launch of the New Year!


What would you like to celebrate, and what would you like to build on? What would you love to bring intoyour life in the New Year? Join this four-month Master Mindseries, to support you in making the most of where you are, and in drawing in what’s next. You will:

·       Complete a year-end reflection exercise that you will receive upon registering

·       Share with Master Mind peers what you would like to celebrate, and bring into the New Year

·       Engage in a visioning exercise

·       Identify outcomes, including the qualities you seek to experience and draw into the New Year

·       Utilize peers and facilitator to identify challenges, obstacles and brainstorm strategies 

·       Develop next steps and a plan to realize your vision

·       Make commitments, share progress, challenges and utilize the group wisdom and contacts to move forward 

Program includes:

·       30 minute intake conversation with Jackie Sloane to support your success

·       A one-hour private executive coaching telephone session to be scheduled at your convenience

·       Light sandwiches or salad 15 minutes before beginning of the 2- hour group sessions


Tuition: $335 if paid in full by December 27; $370 thereafter.

(Payment via check, Zelle, or ask about options.)

Dates and location:    

Mondays, January 14, February 11, March 11, April 8, 2019: 

6:30 pm sandwiches, casual connecting; 6:45pm - 8:45pm Master Mind meeting.   

Wintrust Rogers Park, 7555 N. Western, Chicago. Small, free parking lot behind the building.


Questions? And, to register: Contact Jackie Sloane 773-465-5906                                                           

Program leader and facilitator

Jackie Sloane, MCC is a seasoned executive coach and consultant, specializing inenhancing ability to achieve significant results and greater well-being through how clients holistically view situations, engage others, communicate, and cultivate relationships.  Jackie’s clients often report an expanded ability to produce results through others and to have conversations that transform situations. Jackie has over 25 years’ experience in executive coaching, leadership development, communication and transformation consulting and journalism. The Generative Leadership Communication program she developed has been credited with unleashing creativity and innovation and reducing production time at client organizations, and was considered “one of the best programs I have ever attended” by participants at an annual global conference. She has served professionals, leaders, teams and groups at privately-held, nonprofit and Fortune 500 firms in a variety of industries, including academia, manufacturing, professional services, pharmaceutical, medical, medical products, publishing, consumer products, and retail. She has served clients at Abbott, Accenture, American Society of Anesthesiologists, Comcast, Deloitte,  Exelon, Grant Thornton, Hollister, International Truck and Engine, Kraft, PepsiCo, Plante & Moran, and Purdue University Northwest among others. Jackie wrote the Executive Coach column for Executive Travel, an American Express Publishing/Time Inc. magazine for five years, and has written for many publications, including Leadership in Action, the Center for Creative Leadership magazine. She is certified to use the Center’s assessment tools. Earlier in her career, her firm created communication programs that produced the desired result within 24 hours of receipt of a letter packet; created national visibility; increased sales; resulted in key contracts, favorable acquisitions and offers of acquisitions; and direct mail response rates as high as 28%. Jackie has a B.A. in political science from the University of Illinois at Chicago, has completed graduate work at Columbia College, and numerous leadership, communication, facilitation and coaching trainings. She completed Mastering the Art of Professional Coaching in 1994, and has two coach certifications including Master Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation. She is a mentor for Chicago Innovation, has served as Marketing Chair and on the program committee for the Network of Executive Women’s Annual Leadership Summit and on the advisory board of Working Mother Media’s Multicultural Town Halls.


What Clients Say


For the last 5-8 years I have had a number of coaches. Jackie has had the biggest impact for me, she is a great listener and provides great feedback and actions. What appreciate the most about Jackie is that she is honest with the feedback and is able to help me work through the issues (even if those are difficult to swallow). She has been instrumental in helping me gain more confidence around my knowledge and ability to deal with very difficult situations. I highly recommend Jackie as a coach.

Yohanna Sullivan,Corporate Strategy & Operations Leader


Jackie is so wonderful. She has helped me develop my executive presence. She has helped me grow both professionally and personally. Jackie is such a great listener. I highly recommend working with Jackie!!

Sophia Y. Ferber, Director of Urgent Care Program Design, UCHealth


I highly recommend Jackie as an executive coach. I was extremely satisfied with our work together, and its impact on my visibility, recognition and effectiveness across the organization. In fact, we had this pivotal conversation that probably led to my being promoted to VP. I found myself in a complex situation, given various organizational dynamics and the changing status of my immediate superior. A senior colleague I respect had said, 'Well, you weren’t invited,'- to a critical planning meeting with senior leaders at my firm. 'If (C-suite leader) had wanted you there, she would have invited you.' Jackie asked, well, would it be important for you to be there? Would you make a contribution? -Decisions would be made at this meeting that would impact the organization. As the subject matter expert on the topic, I knew that no one attending had my grasp of the issues involved, and the consequences of various choices they would consider. Jackie asked how that leader responded to taking initiative. I realized she responds well, and, as a result of my taking initiative in this instance, I was invited to attend. I led much of the discussion, made a significant impact on the decisions made, and on the impression of my leadership and ability on top leaders at my firm. I got a lot of recognition for the difference I made, and learned I was being considered for this significant promotion. I already had the skills, knowledge and ability, and, reaching out about attending that meeting, and my contribution was a turning point, resulting in my winning a promotion I had not anticipated when we began working together.

                                                                                                                  VP, Fortune 100 firm


jackie has been my business coach for bursts of time over a period of years. when things are challenging in my business, i often reach out to her for guidance - we're currently in a coaching relationship, and much-needed changes in my business (and personal life!) are already happening after just three meetings. for example, jackie has introduced me to the enneagram - a way of understanding myself (and others) better - which is helping me better manage my energy and assert stronger boundaries. that leads to feeling like my client conversations are effective, and i'm better able to focus on my highest-priority tasks. and jackie has guided me to revise my long-term goals for my business, aligning them with my values, which is helping me focus on work that brings me more pleasure. yes!
jackie is a compassionate, intelligent, thoughtful, articulate person. it's always a joy to be with her, and the confidence she exudes is reassuring during challenging moments...running a business like i do can be quite emotional at times! by working with her, i know i'm creating a more solid foundation for my success for many years to come. i would recommend her to anyone seeking business/executive coaching.

                         Jenni Grover, Author, Speaker, Advocate and Communication Consultant


I attended Jackie's Generative Leadership Pre-Conference at the 2018 LMA Annual Conference and found it to be one of the most useful conference sessions I have ever participated in. It was great for professional development with tangible takeaways that I was able to immediately put to use.

                                                                Kara Kane, Business Development, Venable, LLP

Jackie provided leadership training to our group at the Legal Marketing Association conference in 2018. She provided a lot valuable information about communicating respectfully, authentically, and building a cohesive team. She is a wealth of knowledge about building working relationships of trust and respect and how to communicate effectively with different personality styles. Thank you for this valuable training and ongoing support, Jackie!

Mary Margaret Gorman,Senior Public Relations and Media Manager, Jones Walker LLP

Recent Events

 Need to launch a new way of working together with your team or organization? We collaborate with you to create a a process to cultivate a new mindset and way of being and operating together that is energizing, enlivening and productive.  Contact us to learn more. Or, join us at Catalyst Ranch for the seminar  Use Your Next Leadership Retreat to Launch a Transformation , September 12, 12 - 4:30.

Need to launch a new way of working together with your team or organization? We collaborate with you to create a a process to cultivate a new mindset and way of being and operating together that is energizing, enlivening and productive.

Contact us to learn more. Or, join us at Catalyst Ranch for the seminar Use Your Next Leadership Retreat to Launch a Transformation, September 12, 12 - 4:30.


Learn a process that results in sustainable behavior change

Monday, September 24, 12 noon to 4:30 at the Catalyst Ranch, Chicago


Need to launch a new way of being together with those you work with? Is it vital that your team, organization, or merging groups become more aligned, enthusiastic and creative together, in order to achieve something important to you?

Learn a powerful 6-question coaching model for using the focal point of a leadership retreat -- or series of meetings -- to create a process that launches a transformation in mindset and behavior - and may result in unpredictable outcomes.  Great for leaders of new initiatives, newly merged groups or organizations, leaders in new roles, and leaders who need those in their team or organization to collaborate at a higher level of purpose and creativity to achieve more ambitious outcomes. 

Whether you are taking on a new role, team, or initiative, or, you want to initiate a reset, raising the level of energy, results or sense of mission within your organization, a leadership retreat can be a pivotal investment in your success. How you engage with participants can make all the difference. How you speak about, plan, prepare for and conduct this particular meeting can be a transformative process. “Retreat” may stimulate thoughts of exotic locales, lengthy slide presentations and seemingly frivolous exercises. However, a retreat can be a transformative tool for setting a new tone and direction, impacting how people communicate and think about their roles and how they work together. It can expand what’s possible for your organization and how it operates.

You are invited to a seminar on Leading the Transformational Retreat:

September 24, 2018

12 noon to 4:30pm

In essence, a Transformational Leadership Retreat process is a coaching intervention for a group or organization.

In this seminar, you will learn and work with a powerful planning model, based on 6 key coaching questions. The questions, and the seminar discussions and exercises guide you in utilizing a retreat event as a focal point for a process designed to create sustainable behavior change, a shift in mindset and actions.  The process involves leadership getting in touch with the urgency for change, clarifying outcome measures, and, based on that determining what information, preparation, agenda, content, communication, learning, and new practices and structures are needed to create and maintain the changes.

In this highly interactive session, you will:

  • Learn and work with a powerful model designed to create behavior change, based on 6 key questions that will change the way you think about retreat planning.

  • Hear how other leaders benefitted from this process to shift the way team members think about their roles, the team, and how it operates, and infuse new energy, enthusiasm, creativity, commitment into how they work and what’s possible together

  • Learn how the way you think about, plan, speak about, conduct the retreat, and the routines, practices, structures of support established and honored afterward can lead to unpredictable outcomes

  • Apply what you are learning as you begin the process of creating a future retreat

  • Identify practices and structures to put in place, and structures within the organization that may be impediments to change

  • Understand your role as facilitator or leader of this process

This session is highly recommended for leaders:

  • In new roles

  • Of newly formed teams

  • Who wish to set a new direction

  • Of merged organizations

  • Who need people to operate at a higher magnitude of creativity, collaboration, efficiency, or customer focus

  • Who need to transform a situation, a culture

“Engaging Jackie and Anil to assist in the process to transform the way we think about our work together in the Office of Advancement was a key step in our continuous improvement journey. During our staff retreat, they helped us to identify organizational and cultural barriers to success. They helped also to build a new vocabulary that supports shared accountability for improvement.” Regina D. Biddings-Muro, Vice Chancellor, Advancement,   Purdue University Northwest


Tuition includes light lunchand brief networking as we begin, workbook with planning questions for each step of the process, group conference follow up call with the presenters to support your success.


Please plan to arrive at Catalyst Ranch by 11:45 to get your lunch, and get settled!

To get the most out of the session, consider inviting your leadership team to attend with you!

Discounted tuition when you register by August 30. This program is great experience for groups from the same organization.

Questions? Contact or 773-465-5906

Preregistration reflection: 

Please arrive having thought about: Why is there an urgent need for transformation in my/my client's organization? What's at stake?


Questions? For more information:

  • On this seminar

  • To discuss working with Ann and Jackie to create a transformational leadership retreat for your own organization

  • Or, to schedule an internal session on this topic for your organization, email: or call 773-465-5906.

$10 parking available with Catalyst Ranch validation at LAZ Parking on Lake St. between Jefferson and Des Plaines. More transportation and parking information here:


Don't miss out on this great learning opportunity to improve your coaching skills!


Choose from 50 free sessions from coaching thought leaders, 2 -3 a day, beginning Tuesday, May 29. We are partners this year with WBECS, collaborating to raise the standards of coaching, and the difference in makes in your life! Register now using the button below. 


Authenticity, Awareness and Conversation as Powerful Tools in a Complex Environment

Monday, April 9, 2018, 8:00-5:00 pm CST

Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA (Pre-Conference Program)

Today, leaders in all industries face enormous opportunity and challenge. There’s more complexity and change than ever before. Leadership, like marketing, involves continuous learning over time. Yet, leadership can happen in a moment, when we step up, take a stand, take responsibility. One conversation can be a turning point, shifting a relationship, turning around a situation, opening up possibility. The ability to engage others with different concerns and perspectives is key to building the momentum that drives your success.

In this highly interactive program, you will work with distinctions and models to support you in shifting in the moment to adapt to the various audiences you must influence. You’ll learn and work with powerful models for having the sometimes challenging conversations critical to your success as a leader, and generating accountability in a complex environment. You’ll work with exercises and tools to support you in cultivating resilience and greater ability to be present in the moment, and explore techniques for engaging your teams.

Topics include:

  • Learning and experiential practice with practical tools for leading others, leading teams, selling ideas and change in a complex, matrixed, multi-generational environment

  • Cultivating influence/persuasion

    • Generative leadership conversation

    • Generating outcomes, improved relationships through enhanced ability to plan and have tough conversations

    • Enhanced ability to generate commitment, efficiency and ease through accountability

  • Personal learning and tool

    • Personal presence

    • Resiliency – dealing with stress

Recommended for:

  • Emerging leaders

  • Mid-level leaders

  • Leaders new to legal marketing

  • Anyone wishing a boost to their leadership effectiveness.

Program created and presented by Jackie Sloane, MCC


Investing in you and your team: when to choose executive coaching and how to get the most out of the experience!

December 14, 2017

Webinar for Women Impacting Storebrand Excellence (WISE) 

Working with an executive coach can be a powerful and pivotal experience, opening up new ways of thinking and operating in your life. It involves learning things about yourself you may not have known, and cultivating new abilities that often positively impact many others. Have you been curious about how to determine when it’s a good time to bring in a coach for yourself or one of your people?

A coach can support you in transforming situations, the energy and results of your team, raising your visibility, expanding influence, and establishing the momentum and reputation that drive success in a challenging new role. Executive coaching is a customized leadership development program that often more than pays for itself in terms of improved leadership ability, results and effectiveness and may provide returns on investment as high as 50:1 or more.

Attendees at this interactive webinar learned:

  • How to get the most out of working with a coach

  • What to expect; how the coaching process works

  • How to select a coach for yourself or a member of your team

  • When not to invest in a coach

  • To determine whether it’s best to find a mentor, a coach or other resource