Quick Leadership Reads for you and your team - selected articles

Learning and supporting others in their learning is key to effective leadership in a world where entire industries transform in a few short years. Continuous learning is essential to leadership in today’s world.


From GREY, the lifestyle journal

Why You May Want to Say No to that Great New Role

Excited about that promotion, or new opportunity?  Yet, you’ve heard some things and feel something nagging at you. Pay attention! Sometimes that great new role is not what it seems. Are you getting on a career success rocket ship, or entering the Twilight Zone?

Three Practices to Amp Up Your Life and Flourish in the New Year

What if getting to that next level in your career, your life was about increasing your aliveness? These three practices will support you with that. Jackie wrote this for GREY.

From CIO Magazine

CIOs Must Learn the Politics of No

Jackie Sloane was interviewed and quoted on the importance of developing relationships with other leaders, including learning what matters to them, asking more questions to better understand requests and what the underlying issue is, as well as sharing your thinking, so they better understand why you may need to say "no," and respect you for it.


From Fast Company

Jackie Sloane Interview -- Career advancement is fraught with highs and lows. Jackie Sloane was interviewed by Fast Company on what to do when you're passed over for a promotion. 

From the Executive Coach column of Executive Travel, an American Express/Time Inc. publication

What's your executive presence done for you lately?

Executive presence compels others to listen and act. The lack of it can hold you back professionally. Could yours work better for you?

Mastering Executive Transition: a Dynamic Approach

 A new leadership role can be thrilling, career-making, transformative -- and utterly disorienting and disastrous. How can you plan for uncertainty and the unexpected?

Leader as Coach: Could developing your skills improve results?

 Could developing your coaching skills improve your results as a leader?

The alchemy of managing up

Collaborate with those who have the power to determine your destiny and transform what's possible

Assume positive intent: don't underestimate the power of compassion and curiosity

Underestimate the power of curiosity and compassion at your own peril

Mastering executive politics

"I don't do politics" is not an effective strategy

The secret life of goals

How to set goals for yourself and others that propel you to new levels of accomplishment

Building bench strength

Build bench strength dealing with daily leadership challenges.

Retaining the talent that drives your success

As the economic recovery builds are you at risk of losing your top talent?

Leadership conversations that generate results

What we say and do impacts who we are and what we can produce

How CEOs create a culture that accelerates success

Practices, structures, what you say and don't say can define what is and is not possible in an organization

From Leadership in Action, a Center for Creative Leadership publication

Leaders: Relationships are key to effective leadership

How important are relationships to effective leadership? Read what several leaders say about it.

Versions of these first appeared on The Catalyst Ranch blog

Using a Highly Interactive Retreat to Launch a Transformation

What shift are you looking to make in your organization? Could creating a transformational retreat support you? 

Leading the Transformational Retreat

Your next leadership retreat can be a turning point for your organization, leading to breakthroughs