Leadership Transitions

Jumpstart Success in the Early Months of Your New Role

Today, the more you advance in level of responsibility, the smaller the window may be to make the impact you want to make in a new leadership role. The very early days of a new leadership responsibility present critical opportunities and challenges. The requests and agreements you make, the relationships you cultivate, how you set the tone and utilize this time creates the platform for what you are able to accomplish in the long-term. What you overlook and don’t see can sidetrack your best intentions, in spite of your previous track record. How do you expand your ability to recognize issues, challenges and opportunities?  Learn common pitfalls of job transitions and how to overcome them, and create a plan for success. 

Learn to:

  • Identify and engage the audiences essential to your success more effectively and quickly

  • Use predictable challenges to expand possibility

  • Manage key polarities or tensions inherent in a new role

  • Expand your ability to leverage the system

  • Make the most of your newness in the role to:

    • Ask the questions that no one is asking

    • Take a fresh look at the status quo

    • Set a new tone

    • Build a reputation that accelerates what you want to accomplish

Recommended for:

  • Executives and leaders in transition, planning a transition, or launching a new initiative

  • Recent hires

  • Internal coaches

Available as four-session seminar or webinar format

Recommended reading:

  • The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins

  • You’re in Charge, Now What? by Thomas Neff and James Citrin

  • Leadership Transitions by Richard Elsner and Bridget Farrands