Bring out the best in yourself and others. Expand your impact.

What’s your leadership challenge? Building the momentum that drives success involves engaging others, often with very different concerns and worldviews. This requires being in touch with what matters to your stakeholders, creating meaning, setting context, inspiring others to take aligned action and developing the practices and structures that support progress and innovation.

We collaborate with you to create greater well-being for yourself and others as you achieve the learning, engagement and/or organizational outcomes you seek and more.

We offer:

  • Executive coaching, leadership coaching, leadership development programs, and team coaching.

  • Transformational Leadership Retreats, team retreats – customized programs utilizing a retreat as a focal point for a process that produces a shift in the organization - to jumpstart a new initiative or strategic focus, set a new tone, cultivate greater levels of collaboration, enthusiasm, shared values, launch behavior/culture change, new practices

  • Transformational Interventions consulting– organizational transformation, engagement consulting and implementation to address issues, shift behavior, take advantage of opportunity, integrate merged cultures

  • Conversation, communication, engagement, organizational development consulting and related training and facilitation – to achieve specific outcomes, and build capacity

  • Generative Leadership Communicationa program that provides leaders, their teams and organizations with the tools, models and distinctions that unleash creativity and innovation as they bring up and address complex issues in conversation.

  • Executive Career Coaching – a customized approach to support individuals in navigating challenges, expanding leadership skills, raising visibility and making career changes.

  • Transforming Leadership Transitions – a program for the early stages of a new leadership role, to support leaders in preparing for and recognizing the dynamics and predictable and unpredictable issues that can thwart success.

We would love to support you in accelerating your success.