About Sloane Communications

Cultivate an environment in which you bring out the best in yourself and others.

We are seasoned executive coaches, leadership development and organizational engagement consultants. We collaborate with you to produce significant, unexpected outcomes and greater well-being in the process.

We work with you to create the program that accelerates what you seek to achieve.

Our client projects have included work with manager to C-suite leaders:

  • To turnaround a situation, a team, a reputation in an organization
  • Who must have a higher level of enthusiasm, focus, collaboration and clarity in their organizations to achieve their goals
  • New in a role, and seeking to cultivate the relationships and reputation to accelerate success
  • Leading organizational culture transformation
  • Integrating complex organizations that have merged to build trust and achieve desired outcomes
  • Building community and innovation to improve stakeholder communication
  • To cultivate executive presence, expand influence and visibility
  • To enhance leadership skills for themselves, a team, their members

Clients report that our work together provides lasting impact that is exponential and evolving in nature. They find that they apply new insights, learnings and understandings successfully to a variety of situations.

Selected results:

  • Drawing from a powerful organizational assessment that crystalized issues, a leader builds momentum to support organization-wide transformation, through group work with the leadership team and customized large-group conversations.
  • Collaboration with a leader to create, articulate, sell and successfully launch a key internal communication / engagement strategy tied to the most visible and important business strategy of a major multinational with 200,000 employees.
  • A retreat credited by leader as powerful for setting a new tone, new energy and focus to support organizational transformation.
  • An internal team at a Fortune 500 commercial products firm learned to successfully sell programs and services that forwarded the multinational’s culture change initiative.  Collaborated with them to create a vision, learn how to engage internal leaders and to speak about the value they offered in a way that mattered to the audience. Engagements doubled within five months and increased sevenfold within another year.
  • Leadership development and training credited with reducing production time and related costs for a new product by 50%, as a result of applying what was learned in Generative Leadership program.

Sloane Communications was founded in 1989 by Jackie Sloane. We collaborate with seasoned associates to provide the best approach to your need.